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7 reasons I'm grateful for freelancing

Seven Surprises I’m Grateful For After Ten Years Of Freelancing

When I first realized I could have and grow a business from the family’s only computer, I spent all my “extra” time building a website for my arts and crafts business, and then writing a blog to write and showcase my work and writing I was doing for others at the time. My website was essentially a “display […]

Dolphin essential oil diffuser

Essential Oil Diffusers For Children

Kids are fascinated by essential oils diffusers. They love moving their hands through the plume of diffused air and breathing in the jet puff that the diffuser emits. Don’t believe me?  Put a diffuser in any room and see if your child is not immediately drawn to it! Finally, there are diffusers made just for kids. Young Living […]

warm drinks to make with essential oils

Warm Drinks To Make With Essential Oils When It’s Cold Outside

The best thing about cold weather is finding ways to warm up in it! I admit it, I’m a warm weather girl and I live in Texas, so I’m a bit wimpy about the cold. To me, the best thing about winter weather is wearing boots and sweaters, sitting in front of a fire, and […]

Best gifts to give with essential oils

Add-Ons For Essential Oils Gift Giving

It’s not even Thanksgiving and I’m already thinking about gift-giving, are you? Seems the holidays rolled around so quickly this year, or maybe time really is speeding up? Either way, it will be no surprise to family and friends that I’m giving some essential oils as gifts this year. Since adopting them into my family’s […]


Five Rules For Rewrites

Your Great Idea, Take Two! So you’ve started a writing project and now it’s not working for you. It started with a great idea for an article or piece of content, but now, for one reason or another, you can’t seem to get it done. While it can be frustrating to feel stuck in the middle of […]

your article doesn't work

Five Reasons Your Article Doesn’t Work, And How To Fix It

Can you write your way out of a lost cause? How long do you stay stuck before abandoning your work? Many writers or content creators ask themselves these questions sooner or later. Do you try to salvage a project gone bad? Or should you drop it and work on something “more productive?” Picture this: you […]

what I learned about teaching on Career Day

10 Things I Learned About Teaching While Visiting On Career Day

Yes, I braved the halls of middle school yesterday to share something I’m passionate about on Career Day. The surprising thing I learned about myself is that I’m not necessarily passionate about my “career,” when I stack the days on top of each other and look at the whole heaping, lopsided tower. As a freelancer, […]

Early and long holiday season

Seven Practical Benefits Of The Super Long Christmas Season

It’s been “The Holidays” for a few weeks now. Not complaining, just observing. I don’t need to point out the signs; you’ve seen them yourself. You may believe that all this Christmas hype points to the commercialization of what used to be a simple holiday, but there are ways to take this in stride. Simply look at […]

combine essential oils with prayer

How To Combine Essential Oils With Prayer For Divine Connection

  I discovered a long time ago, as I was peeling an orange, how easy it is to pray. In fact, it’s really no big deal. You can talk to God any old time. His door is always open. Prayer is the one thing that is free, therapeutic, simple to do, can be done anywhere, and it goes […]

dryer balls 1

Don’t Hate Me Because My Dryer Balls Sparkle

A quick shout out to Kristin Marr, the “Live Simply” mama, for her tutorial on how to make dryer balls. I  remember what it was like to live simply. Those pre-kindergarten years were great. When did I become a more-is-more kind of girl? These days I’m trying to get back. Life’s a bit crazy and I want to slow […]


The 5 Second Rule That Catapults You Out of Your Comfort Zone

  Have you ever had that inclination to do something a little out of your comfort zone? Ask a question at a business conference, ask someone out on a date, give a generous contribution to a charity, call an old friend you haven’t seen in twenty years, strike up a conversation with an interesting stranger? You […]