headline focus

Why You Should Ditch Headline Formulas And Focus On This Instead

A good headline is like quicksand. Your readers can’t help themselves. One glance and they’re fighting to pull themselves away. They can try, but they can’t leave. Unfortunately, most headlines just aren’t that compelling. Of the people who read them, only 20% actually continue reading or click the link. There’s only one way to increase [...]

yoga dancer balancing

How To Tell If Your Marketing Is Sketchy

In yoga class, you balance. You stretch out like a starfish, keeping one leg planted, or you stand on one leg with your hands pressed together in front of you. The balancing track always means you’ll be leaving the comfort of bipedalism — and then, for a challenge — the instructor tells you to close [...]

What makes you happy?

Three Reasons To Blog When You’re Feeling Blue

Can’t say I’ve been the picture of hope lately, but I think I turned a corner yesterday. Since Christmas, a lot of things have gone wrong — all wrong. Besides the usual winter doldrums, there’s been a dearth of good news around here. Trouble at school, trouble at home, busywork in my home office that [...]


Good Web Content Begins With Great Questions

The power of a question. This past week I must have asked about 357 questions.   Everything from “When you think of the characteristics that all your clients have in common, what are the top three that bubble up?” To “What should we put in the feature box on the home page: the picture of the [...]

should I go gray?

My Decision To Go Gray

“No you’re not.” Erica didn’t even look up from her iPhone. “You’ll hate it.” I protested. “I will love my gray hair because I love how I feel inside.” I made a grand gesture with my arm so she’d see that I was serious. “I will own it, girlfriend.” She rolled her eyes toward me [...]

subheads reinforce the main idea

How To Use Savvy Subheads In Your Sales Copy

Want clarity when you write copy?  So does your reader! Subheads are the zen masters of copywriting tools, because they never let you forget the big picture. Once you worship at the alter of subheads, everything will become smooth, grasshopper. Readers want to read web content that is concise and clear. The only way to [...]