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essential oil testimonial for writers

Essential Oils For Writers, Copywriters And Freelancers

“The Life Force of Plants” When you hear the phrase “Life Force” what do you think of? Powerful Critical to Life Vitality Indefinable Limitless Can’t Live Without It Essence Sensational words come to mind, but a few years ago I might have rolled my eyes. Until last summer, I thought “Life Force” was just some clever […]

Show your face and tell your true story

Showing Your Face and Building Your History As You Grow Your Business

I’ve watched certain movies, um, let’s say a few times. Among them, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Wings of Desire, and Jerry McGaguire. Of course I cry when Dorothy Boyd says, “You had me at hello.” After that long soliloquy about how he needed her, wanted her, couldn’t live without her, he needn’t have bothered. All he […]

cultivate, seed to seal

Five Little Known Facts About The Young Living Seed To Seal Promise

A couple of years ago, if someone had told me about the proprietary way Young Living™ produced oils for my personal use, I would have said, “What do you even do with an essential oil anyway?” Now I pay attention to this Seed to Seal™ Promise because I put them all over my skin, I inhale them, I […]

out of steps. being polite

The Peril In Waiting Your Turn, Plus Ten Tips To Make Your Move

“Going from ‘Why me?’ to ‘Why not me?’ is an important switch you need to make to be an entrepreneur.” John Lee Dumas’ podcast Entrepreneur on Fire’s guest Edwin Havens suggests that being an entrepreneur requires a change in thinking. While it sounds simple, that recognition really is the pivot point that changes everything because […]

essential oil blends for diffusing

Two Unusual Essential Oil Blends For Diffusing

Do you love to experiment with new essential oil combos? You just can’t go wrong, so there’s really no need to fear. In fact you may come up with a delightful blend that elicits a special mood, invites in more fun, or simply helps you sleep. When I went upstairs this morning the most beautiful […]


The 5 Second Rule That Catapults You Out of Your Comfort Zone

  Have you ever had that inclination to do something a little out of your comfort zone? Ask a question at a business conference, ask someone out on a date, give a generous contribution to a charity, call an old friend you haven’t seen in twenty years, strike up a conversation with an interesting stranger? You […]

summer's over labor day

Labor Day, #GoHEB, and Suzie’s Beans

As summer draws to a close, all of its pleasures seem a little sweeter because they are about to disappear. I always want to hurry up and squeeze a little more out of it simply because summer “over-gives” like no other season. Lush, bountiful summer. As summer begins to rest, I’m always a little sad about […]