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woo your clients with content

Everything You Need To Woo Clients You Learned In Kindergarten

Good content gets you noticed, warms people up to your business, and, when the time comes, helps them decide to do business with you over everyone else. But first, you have to be someone worth listening to. Just like in real life, you can’t just charge in, demanding attention as an expert, and expect clients […]

editing the ugly first draft

Five Activities That Make Editing The Ugly First Draft Easier

OK, you’ve scratched out a first draft, and oy, is it ugly! The concept of  The Ugly First Draft in Everybody Writes” was documented well by Ann Handley in Everybody Writes. It’s one all writers can appreciate; though first drafts are often fun to write, they’re excruciating to read. Your first draft may be the […]

five leadership qualities of freelancers

Five Leadership Qualities That Make You a More Valuable Freelancer

Freelancing is on the rise. At some point in your career, you’ll probably be in the position of either hiring a freelancer for a project, or offering your own skills in that role. So what makes a good one? A-list freelancers are hard to pin down because of their agile, varied, and seemingly random skills. […]

Let every heart prepare him room. (1)

Preparing Your Heart For Amazing Things

Advent is all about preparing a place for the redeemer in your heart in the weeks before Christmas, and I’m feeling how tempting it is to overcomplicate this simple task. Think of how truly unprepared the world was for Jesus’ birth — which was the whole point of his coming, after all! The world was […]

7 reasons I'm grateful for freelancing

Seven Surprises I’m Grateful For After Ten Years Of Freelancing

When I first realized I could have and grow a business from the family’s only computer, I spent all my “extra” time building a website for my arts and crafts business, and then writing a blog to write and showcase my work and writing I was doing for others at the time. My website was essentially a “display […]


Five Rules For Rewrites

Your Great Idea, Take Two! So you’ve started a writing project and now it’s not working for you. It started with a great idea for an article or piece of content, but now, for one reason or another, you can’t seem to get it done. While it can be frustrating to feel stuck in the middle of […]

your article doesn't work

Five Reasons Your Article Doesn’t Work, And How To Fix It

Can you write your way out of a lost cause? How long do you stay stuck before abandoning your work? Many writers or content creators ask themselves these questions sooner or later. Do you try to salvage a project gone bad? Or should you drop it and work on something “more productive?” Picture this: you […]


The 5 Second Rule That Catapults You Out of Your Comfort Zone

  Have you ever had that inclination to do something a little out of your comfort zone? Ask a question at a business conference, ask someone out on a date, give a generous contribution to a charity, call an old friend you haven’t seen in twenty years, strike up a conversation with an interesting stranger? You […]

Gift-Giving Rules

Ten Self-Defeating Gift-Giving Rules

In my recipe cabinet is a three ring binder full of food-related stuff I’ve collected over the years. A book-in-progess, it includes recipes I’ve made for various holidays. The good ones make it into the book, the average ones don’t. I pull it down about a week before each big meal or get-together to peruse […]