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Blogging in the Dark

There was too much to say, and not enough to say, so I said nothing. As much as my blog was on my mind, I couldn’t go there. In spite of telling others – clients and customers – that once or twice a week was optimal; still, I couldn’t put one word down here on [...]

when are you done

The Natural Reason To Stick To Time Limiters In Your Offer

“When are you done?” My 11-year-old wrote on my day calendar as I was on my phone… This summer I finally internalized the moment I’ve been waiting to realize in 47 years: “I will never be done.” I will have regrets, I will be happy momentarily, I will miss moments (moments in my family’s and [...]

ganesha, my copywriting mascot

11 Reasons The Indian God Ganesha Is My New Copywriting Mascot

OK, I’m doing something a bit unconventional for me! I’m giving my copywriting and content marketing a framework within the Indian symbol of Ganesha. If you don’t know (I didn’t), according to Wikipedia, Ganesha is the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the deva of intellect and wisdom. My new friend Amanda gifted this little [...]

Rule of three

Why Three Is A Magic Number For Knock-out Blog Content

The other day I was explaining the reasons why someone would want to track where their customers are coming from. I found myself thinking as I spoke (I love it when that happens) that I had to have three good reasons, so that my listener a. would understand b. would be entertained c. would be convinced. [...]

flag in morning.edits

This Great, Lavish, Sprawling Freedom

I honor freedom (mine, yours, ours), the people who came before us the claim it, and the people who died to preserve it. What a gorgeous, imperfect, awesome land we Americans live in! I am thankful. And yes, I do take it for granted, many days, being born so privileged into a land so rich with [...]

Copywriters, wow your readers

The Mistake Copywriters Make When They “Use The Customers’ Words”

The other day a radio ad caught my attention. It was a Gold’s Gym’s spot that put the listener’s focus on some benefits that are not normally associated with exercise: things like a positive mental state and confidence. The ad was appealing to people who don’t exercise or who may have never known what it [...]

Rob and Betsy

Resilience Tips For When Everything Crashes To The Ground

It was a beautiful wedding. The bride and groom beamed, surrounded by friends and family in a warm embrace of love and support. The setting, too, was gorgeous. I have never seen my mom’s farm look so magical… Rob and Betsy planned everything down to the last detail. Except for the storm. The day started [...]

traditional media magazine

What’s Stopping You From Owning Your Media Channel?

The allure of print. Why the glamour around published material; trade magazines and newspapers? A local business man was recently telling me about his marketing strategy when the talk turned toward that ever-so-sexy word “content marketing.” This guy loved the idea of writing articles that he could share to show expertise, build trust and get in [...]

Great Copywriters

12 Great Copywriters To Follow Right Now

Copywriters read. Besides actually sitting down and practicing writing, it’s the only way to get good at writing. Do you read good copy online, save swipe files, and even collect impressive direct mail pieces? Are you doing everything you can to understand how to get your message across and convert visitors into customers? If not, start by reading [...]

If you can blog here, you can blog anywhere

How to Blog In a Busy, Loud, Distracting Place

Sometimes the best thing about being your own boss is the worst thing about being your own boss — you can work anywhere and set your own schedule. When you need to make a call you, can pick up the phone just as easily at the beach as your home office, though you run the [...]

heart-centered entrepreneurs make mistakes sometimes!

Ten Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Starting A Business Doing What They Love

People who start businesses doing what they love are some of the most heart-centered entrepreneurs on the planet. Not only do they truly love and benefit from practicing their craft or delivering their gifts, others feel it and want to be around that energy. Customers are naturally attracted, like moths to a flame. But heart-centered entrepreneurs [...]


Winner of the Raffle: Ultimate Sales Bootcamp

We had a fun and very instructive time at Lisa Sasevich’s event “Ultimate Sales Bootcamp.” LOTS of juicy ways to sell your stuff with elegance and style — no one does it quite like #LisaLive. The winner of My Team Connects’ raffle is Cynthia Thaik, M.D., author of the Your Vibrant Heart. Looking forward to [...]