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insanely effective move business building

One Insanely Predictable But Effective Move For Business Building Success

In early February I saw a Facebook post written by an acquaintance that read something like, “OMG, I am simply beside myself with a great idea, can’t sleep, so excited, etc.” While others were congratulating her, I felt pity. I felt her pain because I know she is in the throes of business building. You […]

invisible, unknown audience

Three Traps To Avoid When Building A Business Writing From Home

We’re the lucky ones, we writers. We get to practice our craft and get paid for it. While most of us may never actually achieve perfection, the cumulative effect, hopefully, is a portfolio of decent writing. Some writing is great, some is average, and over time you raise your own bar. As with all work, […]

customer desire

How To Understand Customer Desire And Match Your Content To What They’re Thinking

A time tested copywriting formula, the AIDA process follows a customer’s movement from total unawareness to the moment of action. Ultimately, that action you want them to take is to make a purchase, however in today’s marketing environment, you have to consider any action taken – a click to download an infographic, a view of […]

Bad design + good copywriting

The Case For Bad Design And Good Copywriting

Most consumers respect great design. They’re especially appreciative when they see it online, rewarding well designed pages with views and clicks. However, the relationship between copywriting and good design isn’t quite equal, and I maintain that copywriting is more important. Before I explain, let the next three ideas sink in first. Tacky graphics can work better […]

The chemistry of Essential Oils

Young Living, Nature’s Remedies, and God’s Awesome Creation

The cover of this book says it all. God’s amazing grace includes nature. His most prized creations (you and me, of course, but all the flora and fauna, too) can’t be duplicated in a lab. No way, no how. Even all the nifty antibiotics and  lifestyle drugs these days — the wonder products of pharmaceutical […]

You've got this: Handing it over

Hand It Over: Why Letting Go Is Good For Your Business

Yesterday I was stressing about bookkeeping and taxes. I felt like a child who was going to get in trouble for not doing her homework. But after one hour with Jackie Sweeten at Sweeten CPA​, I felt peace and control over my home office. What a relief! Jackie is the kind of professional I LOVE to […]

know yourself to know your customers

Know Yourself To Know Your Customer

Observe all men, thy self most. ~Benjamin Franklin To know others — especially to know your customer — the easiest way is to gauge yourself. Every day, you have a new chance to study copywriting – in real life conversation, auditory (listening to a recording), or visual (reading a page or screen) form. You know […]

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Inventing Yourself: Behind The Scenes Of A Blog That Matters

Yes, it matters how the world sees you. Last year I attended a retreat with my mastermind at the time and was introduced to Sally Hogshead’s work on branding yourself. Hogshead, you’ll remember, wrote the bestseller YOU last year and rocked the stages all over the personal and business development arena with her groundbreaking concept […]

customer struggles

Three Ways A Customer Struggles, And One Way To Always Relieve It

On a very rainy night in Austin, and at the last minute, I was invited to attend a parenting shindig, put together to help parents devise healthy ways to communicate (“get through to”) their teenagers. In spite of the weather and the inconvenience, of course I went. Someday I’ll share with you this ingenious tactic […]


Winner of the Raffle: Ultimate Sales Bootcamp

We had a fun and very instructive time at Lisa Sasevich’s event “Ultimate Sales Bootcamp.” LOTS of juicy ways to sell your stuff with elegance and style — no one does it quite like #LisaLive. The winner of My Team Connects’ raffle is Cynthia Thaik, M.D., author of the Your Vibrant Heart. Looking forward to […]


Blogging in the Dark

There was too much to say, and not enough to say, so I said nothing. As much as my blog was on my mind, I couldn’t go there. In spite of telling others – clients and customers – that once or twice a week was optimal; still, I couldn’t put one word down here on […]

when are you done

The Natural Reason To Stick To Time Limiters In Your Offer

“When are you done?” My 11-year-old wrote on my day calendar as I was on my phone… This summer I finally internalized the moment I’ve been waiting to realize in 47 years: “I will never be done.” I will have regrets, I will be happy momentarily, I will miss moments (moments in my family’s and […]

ganesha, my copywriting mascot

11 Reasons The Indian God Ganesha Is My New Copywriting Mascot

OK, I’m doing something a bit unconventional for me! I’m giving my copywriting and content marketing a framework within the Indian symbol of Ganesha. If you don’t know (I didn’t), according to Wikipedia, Ganesha is the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the deva of intellect and wisdom. My new friend Amanda gifted this little […]