Five Reasons To Offer “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” Deals Even If You Don’t Sell Christmas Gifts

Black Friday Online ShoppingDon’t’ fall into the trap of thinking that people are not shopping for your products on Black Friday and Cyber Monday just because they don’t necessarily fall into a traditional gift category. 

No matter what your business or who you serve, your marketing mix should contain deals and reminders throughout the holidays. Take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday to draw attention during the height of the consumer shopping season. Don’t assume that people are too busy or uninterested this time of year. Those are great excuses to taper off your marketing and advertising, but you’d be missing out on the hottest time to make a lasting impression on your ideal client. 

Five reasons to boost your online marketing efforts over the holidays:

1. Time is money.  People have a long weekend to click, search and compare to their heart’s delight. Unscheduled time means more discretionary Internet browsing. People will be online during the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend. They’ll be investigating which stores are worth hitting and what can wait till later in the shopping season. Making holiday plans. Catching up on social sites. Even working through the weekend. (If your clients are small business people, you already know that’s a fact.) Your business should pop up in many different online channels to take advantage of all that Internet browsing.

2. Thanksgiving weekend kicks off the official spending season. As soon as Santa makes his appearance in the Macy’s Day parade, it’s full out shopping season. Whether they take advantage of sales at local retail stores or deals online, people are in shopping mode. Shoppers are prepared to spend money. Be in front of them with opportunities and problem-solving solutions, even if you don’t offer “gifts.”

One of my favorite expressions comes from Eddie Speed, a note broker here in Texas. Referring to  big and easy spenders, he says they’re “running  with money in both hands.” There are certain times and conditions when people are open to buying. Black Friday through Cyber Monday is the time to attract those potential buyers.

3. The “associative shopping” mentality. When people are in a shopping frenzy, many stray from their list. Some consumers start out with a strict list and budget. Others browse without a plan. You can serve both types of shoppers by expertly positioning your products and services with the giver in mind… not the end recipient of the gift.

Gift giving reflects on the giver and satisfies an innate human need for acceptance and appreciation. People choose gifts for others based on what the other person would like, certainly, but also for their own personal satisfaction in giving. “In giving you receive.” It doesn’t take a leap of logic to see why so many people buy personal gifts while shopping for others. It’s simple human nature: they’re really thinking about themselves too!

Remember, some of the best presents are the ones we’d like to have ourselves. How many times have you gone out to buy one specific item and came home with stuff you never anticipated putting in your cart? Or gone in search for a gift for someone, only to come home with more goodies for yourself? Sometimes the very act of shopping for gifts makes consumers more inclined to indulge themselves!

Keep this in mind over the holiday season: It doesn’t matter whether you offer gifts people are buying for others. Those “others” are not your customers. The one pulling out his wallet IS. Speak to that person.

4.  The “Last Chance for Gas” Mindset. Winding down of the old year brings some soul-searching. As December approaches, many folks assess the year in terms of what goals they reached and what they still want to accomplish. Most people move into the new year with some unfinished business from the last one. While no one can neatly compartmentalize one year from another (nor should you want to) your customers may want to settle a problem or issue before the calendar year ends.

The coming new year means a million different things for a million different people. Folks have more than presents on their minds. How are you serving those people who are ripe to hear your message at this moment in time? Thanksgiving weekend is THE TIME to appeal to your ideal clients and customers. Your online presence (in the form of a tweet, an email, or a Facebook post) may trigger a decision to finally act on a long-held desire.

5. Life goes on. OK, so you don’t sell toys, food or wine. Your website doesn’t sell electronics, clothes or jewelry. In fact your business may have nothing to do with Christmas gift-giving or its festivities at all. You could be a chiropractor, a tree trimmer, or a designer of eyewear. You can still be very active at this time of year, or at least reap the benefits of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales.

“But I sell insurance,” you say…”No one wants insurance at Christmas-time.” Phooey. Remind your prospects that your products and services are relevant and necessary through the entire year, offer an incentive for them to act right now (even in a traditionally slow season) and they may see a good reason to act. At the very least you stay relevant in their minds, which pays off when they need your services or products.

Your business is seasonal you say? Even for a swimming pool company, a Black Friday deal could be what gets someone to notice you — especially if your competition isn’t taking advantage of the shopping season like you are.

Cyber Monday is the perfect time to show your customers you care. If you have your finger on the pulse of your ideal customer, you know that their problem doesn’t go away just because the holidays are here. In fact sometimes the holidays exacerbate a chronic problem. Serving your customers well means being there when they need you…now and in the future. You need to remind them that the future exists.

Don’t forget, the biggest online shopping day is actually the day after Christmas with sales continuing through the early new year. People buy last minute gifts between Christmas and New years, grab the things they really wanted but didn’t get, even purchase and plan ahead for January.

Just because you don’t offer something you can wrap up and put under a Christmas tree or give at Hanukkah doesn’t mean you should take a break from your marketing. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the ensuing online shopping season is when your customers are the most active online. Now is a great time to position your offer for consumer eyeballs.


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