Copywriting, SEO, and the end of Google Keyword Data

Now things get interesting!

The Internet is literally changing lives and small businesses before our very eyes. And this week Google — the Search Engine Granddaddy of them all —  just made a HUGE announcement you need to know. More about that in a sec.

small business connects with the worldIt’s not just theory. People who never before had a chance to share their ideas — let along build a business around it — can now reach the whole world. And they are doing it! Changing lives, changing communities, politics, religion, business, the media, and their own destinies. It’s astounding.

When folks call me to see about copywriting, the discussion follows a pattern. In fact, those first working conversations with new clients are almost formulaic. 

Here’s how it starts. They have a product, service or business idea all ready to go. They are ready to dig in and start marketing it to grow a huge fan base. I always get swept up in that enthusiasm because, being addicted to marketing concepts, I get to help small businesses get granular and actually implement specific steps to find their peeps and serve them.

It’s like “Pie In The Sky Marketing” comes down to earth and we get to actually taste it! Splat. Yum, or oops; Let’s try that again! (Implementing is fun.)

At the very beginning, creative ideas sprout up fast. But when we really get down to it…after the vision is transferred and I’m excited to get to work, and the first deposit is made to begin it, that’s when the real job starts. We back up and start with the basics.

Wouldn’t you know, 95% of the time it’s always the same first steps we must take before we can run.

I’ll say it again: they’re the same steps for any small business. Once we work through who their market is, we strategize how to find them, what message to craft, and how to bring that message to the right people — the ones most likely to want what they offer.

You might think your business is different, but I promise you, these are the same steps I get just about everyone to take, to reach people online. You can do all of them or just one or two. You can run or you can stroll. You want to really hit it? Great, I’ll show you everything. Or just wade in with baby steps. Either way, it’s the same steps.

Some people start with a web page; some need a whole series of auto responders — those emails you send to a new subscriber after they join your list. Some already have a system in place but need help defining their unique value. And all are looking for the words say it. All of these parts are steps in the process. Just different places in the process. Different stepping stones that make up that same path. 

What’s Google got to do with it? First a quick video about Google and search and how it works…simplified for people like me.  :roll:

Here’s the big news. Google’s eliminating an important keyword tool for marketers, meaning that in nearly all cases, you can no longer see what keywords people searched on to find your website. They are encrypted — unless those keywords were used on an ad you bought. 

This news has the SEO community in a tailspin, although they knew it was coming. Me, I’m thinking, whew, there’s one less bit of data I need to worry about! It’s true. If you’re relying on keywords for engagement you’re barking up yesterday’s tree anyway. 

There are other ways to find out what people want and how to connect with them.

Think about it. If Google, the most massive information hog online, is protecting the privacy of its users, or simply trying to capture more ad revenue; why wouldn’t it care about its customer’s (advertisers) methods of discovery regarding where marketing dollars should be spent? If Google is minimizing the weight of that piece of the puzzle for marketers, ask yourself this: What’s next?

search confusion? There are other ways to know what words to use!Are they just trying to trick you, make you fail, or waste your time? Does Google just want to keep that information to itself just to make you crazy or is there something else going on? Something that matters to the ebb and flow of huge amounts of information, more than keyword searches. 

If Google recognizes that there’s something more powerful than search, what do you think it is? Is it a secret? Wouldn’t the search giant want to offer advertisers a way to spend more money? Why would marketers shoot in the dark and pay for keywords they can’t be sure anyone is using?

I’m not putting down the world of search engine experts. (We need them more now than ever, but their work is about to take on a different flavor.) There are people out there who run circles around my knowledge of data, meta tags, Google algorithms, etc. That stuff kind of makes my brain hurt a little, so I rely on search engine experts to make sense of all that. It’s interesting, but let’s keep things simple…

Go where the people are. Speak their language. Be there. Deliver what they want…or at least try to. If you miss the mark, go back and try again. Check what they’re saying when they talk, share, comment, advise, brag, complain, etc. 

Where does all that stuff take place? Speculating, here, but the answers are so close to some of the ways I find the words to do my job! There are other ways to find out what people are searching for.

The search engines will be searching in different places…

Which is why I’m asking you this.

I’m putting together a class about email, basic copywriting know-how, and other super-effective online marketing basics; so no matter what happens with search engines, or social media sites, etc…you’re covered. If you want to know the truth, it’s based on those first conversations I always have with new clients. I want to compile it and share it with others because (one) it works. And because (two) I figure it’s a way to get my system — “the first few hours with a client” — out to a lot more people. Don’t get me wrong, I love working with individual businesses, but I know a lot of folks could take that information, run with it, and get super far, super fast.

Would you be interested in an online course like that? Say, a teleconference or webinar? And if so, what are some questions you’d want answered?

I’d love your feedback. Please comment below or on my Facebook page.

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